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March 6 - 30
exhibition of photographs 
by Arno Fischer

March 6, 2015 an exhibition of photographs by Arno Fischer - an outstanding German photographer of the twentieth century to take place in Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art.

The exposition represents all the major genres in which he worked as a photographer. Its starting point is an early cycle "Situation Berlin". The following thematic group consists of his fashion photography and portraits. This collection includes portraits of German actress Marlene Dietrich, which brought him worldwide fame. Numerous photos, made in travel, are the other partition. And pictures made by Arno Fischer in the last years of his life in his own garden complete the composition. It is this cycle is estimated by experts as the quintessence of his work. 

The exhibition includes 140 works of photographer. 

The exhibition will open at 16:00. 

Exhibition will run until March 30. 
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Arno Fischer is one of the most significant photographers of the second half of the 20th-century. His pictures and his classes in Leipzig, Berlin and Dortmund have significantly influenced three generations of photographers in both East and West Germany. 
According to the artist, he made his first picture - blazing Berlin in 1943. Later this photo prompted him to create the series "Situation Berlin", work on which began in mid-50s and continued for about seven years. Publication of the catalog cycle, in which the author presented the image of the city, divided into four sectors, in 1961, was denied with the beginning of the construction of the Berlin Wall. But from that moment Fisher became significant artistic personality to speak about in Germany. 

Fisher got unconditional acceptance among professionals and the general public, when cooperating with leading East German fashion magazine «Sibylle». His author finds fundamentally and forever changed the idea of fashion photography. It was he who first brought the model to the street, using street without retouching and interiors industries as scenery. Moreover, in this genre, he manages to create a new image of a woman - an independent, self-sufficient and self-confident. But it was a series of black-and-white portraits of Marlene Dietrich which brought international fame to Arno Fischer. The actress was so pleased with this work that she personally asked the photographer to give her negatives. 

Fisher’s creativity is not exhausted with listed genres - documentary photography, portraits, and fashion photography. And to get a complete picture of it, you should also know and "situational" picture arising mainly in his numerous trips to Germany and the world (India, Africa, New York). In addition, Arno Fischer is known as a brilliant teacher who trained several generations of Photographers. More than forty years he taught at the universities of Leipzig, Dortmund and Berlin, until the last days of his life conducted master classes for beginner photographers. 

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