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December - January
European hristmas in Kirche

From December 21 to December 26, 2018, from 10:00 to 22:00, the European Christmas in Kirche will take place on the territory of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The main events will be: a charity concert "The world celebrates Christmas" and the Mass of Light, which will be held on December 24 at 18:00.

Within the framework of the European Christmas in Kirch will be held:
- Christmas concerts - multimedia art shows, visual performances and mysteries, Christmas and New Year's musical masterpieces, non-classical piano and traditional organ;
- Solemn Christmas Lutheran worship "Christmas Mass of Light" and the Parade of Lights (December 24, 6:00 pm);
- tours by the Christmas Kirche;
- organ music, carols, choirs, Christmas nativity scene;
- Christmas Fair;
- a charitable fund raising / gifts for children from low-income families in Odesa.

The Kirche concert schedule for December:

December 16, 6 pm
Waiting for Christmas. Pre-Christmas Organ Evenings
December 20, 20:00 (as well as December 25 and January 12)
Night of Miracles in Kirche. Christmas art show "Mystical Organ" / European Christmas
Pre-premiere show

December 21, 19:30
Kapitonov & Posukhovsky / Great Christmas Romance
Christmas concert by the poet and composer Roman Kapitonov and pianist Georgy Posukhovsky.
December 22, 20:00
Christmas Royal / Alexander Melnichuk
Solo Grand Concert in the framework of the project TOP OF THE DEPTH / Classic moments /. Classics, jazz and improvisations will be performed in the Cathedral.

December 23, 6 pm
Art show with the organ "Ave Maria" European Christmas in Kirche

December 24, 6 pm
The world celebrates Christmas / Mass of Light in Kirche. A charity concert
At the concert program will sound world-famous and beloved Christmas works.
The concert will take place after the Christmas Mass of Light.
Admission is free.

December 25, 5 pm
Concert in Kirche: masterpieces of world organ music to the accompaniment of an organ, Christmas carols, carols and the other melodies.

December 25, 20:00 (as well as January 12)
Night of Miracles in Kirch. Project "Mystical Organ" / European Christmas

December 28, 19:00
Pulatova (ex-Flur) / Big presentation of album "Roy"in the Kirche

December 29, 20:00
Organ Saxophone Movie/ Anna Stepanova, Anastasia Marushko, vj SKH
Music from movies and popular classical melodies in an unsurpassed combination of saxophone and organ in the light of the visual projections of vj SKH.

December 30, 18:00
Organ and “Harmony of the World” / Big New Year Concert
January 12, 8 pm
Night of Miracles in Kirch. Project "Mystical Organ" / European Christmas



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