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4 -5 October
III International Investment Promotion Forum Odesa 5T

On September 25, 2018, the Odessa City Council hosted a briefing of the organizers of the III International Investment Promotion Forum Odesa 5T.
The forum will be held in Odessa on October 4-5, 2018. The theme is "Odessa. Ukraine. The world is an innovation and vision of the future. "
The main issues for discussion this year are strategic development plans for Ukraine and Odessa, priority areas for the development of urban projects, film production, innovations in energy efficiency and energy conservation, and marketing of territories.
The international forum will be attended by 700 guests who will arrive from more than 20 countries. First of all, they are owners of large businesses and start-ups, investment companies and investors, business angels (private venture investors), representatives of municipalities and foreign guests.

Within two days, participants and guests of the business forum Odessa 5T will work on the key issues of the city's development, attracting private and public investment, enhancing the innovative and technological potential of Odessa, developing business and urban infrastructure. There will be an exchange of experience between the forum participants and leading representatives of the investment market.

On the first day of the business forum, which opens in the concert hall "Sady Pobedy" at 10:00 and runs until 18:00, will take place presentation of municipal investment projects and will work the exhibition zone "Made in Odesa".
The main theme of the panel discussions of the first day will also be the creation of a film commission of Odessa, the main purpose of which is the development of marketing and attracting investment to the film industry of the city. During the presentation of the film committee, a special guest is also expected to attend - famous actress, star of French and world cinema Katrin Deneuve will come to Odessa.

On the second day in the coworking "Terminal 42", Impact Hub Odesa and II Decameron Clubhouse, there will be held panel discussions of 5T in five main areas: tourism, technology, transport, trade and trust.

Participation in the work of the Forum is free of charge, subject to prior registration at



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