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/ Main / News / The Days of Czech Republic to be in Odessa

Placed: 11.08.2015 16:03:47

The Days of Czech Republic to be in Odessa

The vice-mayor of Odessa Zinaida Tsvirinko met with the director of the Czech Center under the Embassy of Czech Republic in Ukraine

A meeting of Deputy Mayor Zinaida Tsvirinko with the director of the Czech Center under the Embassy of Czech Republic to Ukraine Ms. Lutsia Rzhegorzhikova was held today on August 11, 2015, in Odessa City Council.
The meeting was also attended by the heads of department of international relations, education and science of the Odessa City Council, representatives of the South Ukrainian National K.D.Ushinsky Pedagogical University and Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University.

The issues of multilateral cooperation between Odessa and the Czech Republic in the field of education were discussed during the meeting. The two sides also discussed the possibility of resuming negotiations on holding the "Days of Czech Republic" in Odessa. The project was previously scheduled for the summer 2014, but it was postponed because of hostilities outbreak in Ukraine.

Czech Centre is a contributory organisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, established to promote the Czech Republic abroad. The network of Czech Centres abroad is an active tool of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic in the area of public diplomacy.

These centres interconnect presentations in the cultural arena and support of external economic relations and tourism. They provide informational services about the Czech Republic. This set of tasks is formulated in the valid Statute of the Czech Centres, dating from 2004.

The Czech Centres network consisted of the Czech Centres Headquarters in Prague, 22 branches abroad, and the Czech Centre Prague.
The Czech Centres abroad organise their own activities, provide services and information, arrange contacts between Czech and foreign entities, and support their cooperation. Czech Centres are mainly based in cities, but they also operate in other regions of the respective country. They cooperate with diplomatic and consular offices, especially in the area of public diplomacy.

Czech Centres are members of the European Union of National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC). 





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